What season is your skin?

Discover four of my beautiful moisturizers that tree-t your skin needs in every season

All Skin Types / Sensitive / Stressed / Delicate

Summer Cream

All Skin Types / Sensitive / Stressed / Delicate

A luxuriously rich moisturiser to nourish, feed, calm and soothe the skin while stimulating collagen production.


Autumn Butter

All Skin Types / Dry / Mature / Age Delay

A deeply hydrating moisturiser that also gently exfoliates to increase cellular renewal to reveal brighter skin.


Winter Lotion

All Skin Types / Dry / Dehydrated / Tired

A ultimate hydrating moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid to retain high levels of moisture .


Spring Probiotic

All Skin Types / Congested / Problematic / Rebalance

A innovative probiotic moisturizer delivering healthy bacteria while cleaning up the bad bacteria.



Our spa shed offers a unique retreat experience, a place for you to relax and unwind while being immersed on many levels by the touch, the smell, and the nurturing through our signature treatments, by using age old spa traditions and wisdom we have carefully crafted rituals that are a purely focused on you, your lifestyle, results, philosophy and the environment.  The attention to detail and design is evident at every turn, from the minute you drive up the drive way and see a green shed to then stepping inside where then it speaks for itself, our spa breaks the boundaries of what one would expect a spa to be like, we are about escaping the outside world so step inside ours. We have strong bare-leafs and I work hard to ensure your experience in my spa is an unforgettable one by ensuring you feel welcome, warm and cared for which is why I take my motto

"an experience unlike anything else"    literally. - Rebecca Waring


Working in the beauty industry at a hair dressing salon, day spa and opening a mobile beauty business I realised none of those areas completely fulfilled my desire to offer an experience unlike anything else.

This lead to me opening a beautiful boutique day spa that was very busy and mainstream, but it still always felt like another's dream not my own.


  Finding a property with a big shed and space I new instantly that I was finally starting to see the vision I had coming to life, however years past and I still felt I was holding back and not showing my beliefs, my mantras, my attention to detail and my idea of breaking the boundaries to what a spa is usually portrayed as. 

Many spas in my eyes are cold from personality and clinical which suit some people but not me, the rotation feel and lack of care with treatments lead me to become frustrated with walking out of spas feeling disappointed, and not everyone will understand my hidden space but that is how our NEW MENU, website, tree-tments have been created...the ultimate in an experience unlike anything else for my spaFRIENDS, because I don't see anyone as a client.

Enjoy my unique Shed Retreat and know I'm not afraid to dig in and get my hands dirty...


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